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Lhanbryde is ADSL Broadband ENABLED! 
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..:: Frequently Asked Questions

Am I committing to Broadband by registering?
No. A registration of interest is just that. It doesn't cost anything and you don't have to have Broadband if it comes to Lhanbryde.

Why do we need a campaign like this?
BT has over 6,000 exchanges in the UK and so far has enabled just over 1,000 of them. Many exchanges will not be Broadband-enabled for years unless a local demand can be clearly demonstrated.

Why are you doing this?
I used to have Broadband when I lived in Aberdeen. Now after moving to Moray I'm keen to get it back. It really is a revolution in internet access. Everything that the Internet should be good for finally comes to life with Broadband. Video, Gaming, Voice Chats all without delays! If you need advice or have any questions then please contact me, I can offer you advice from first hand experience of installing and using Broadband in both a home and business environment.

Is Broadband really that much faster?
Yes.. You should expect to see downloads at about ten times the speed of a 56k dial-up modem. But it's not just the transfer rate. If you are keen to play games online and have found you get jittery gameplay and timeouts, then Broadband can give you smooth, fast gameplay! For business users, instead of simply using your internet connection for browsing the internet, with Broadband you have a very flexible tool which allows you to do the things you'd always dreampt of such as, video conferencing, voice chat, remote administration and even access you e-mail away from work.

Why don't we just wait for BT to get around to us?
BT will never enable some exchanges at all, and at the current rate of rollout, we could wait years for them to just do it.

Do I have to use BT as my Internet Service Provider?
No, you can use whichever ISP you like. It is up to BT to enable the exchange but you are not obliged to use them as your ISP.

What will it cost?
It depends on which ISP you choose. The deals change all the time but you should expect to pay between £20 and £30 per month for all your Internet access, plus a connection charge. You don't need a separate line for Broadband, so you may make a saving if you already have a line dedicated to your Internet connection. You will also need to obtain a special ADSL modem and line filters. These are not expensive and some ISPs include them in the connection charge.

So apart from being faster, what does it do?
Broadband opens up a whole new range of possibilities. It is always on, so no more lengthy waits for the dial-up. You can watch video over the internet, play interactive games, and send and receive large files quickly. So you can share video and digital photos easily with family and friends, without clogging up the PC for hours on end!


I have a question not answered anywhere on the campaign site?
Send me an e-mail using the contact form, and I'll respond as soon as I can. Remember that this is a voluntary service, so I am available at silly hours!

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