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..:: Benefits of Wireless Broadband Routers

Broadband is now streamed into more homes and business around the world than ever before. Much like television before it, broadband has provided a medium for content providers to supply customers en masse. Unlike television, however, broadband is delivering a more on-demand selection of content allowing its users more freedom to choose what they want to watch, read, and listen to, whenever they want.

As download speeds continue to increase a greater number of broadband users are downloading heavy content items such as entire films. This is because the time it takes to complete such tasks are shortened. It is also the case that several computers sharing the same broadband connection may accessing the Internet simultaneously, therefore creating a situation in which these machine must be connected to the point at which broadband enters the premises.

In the past this was achieved by using cables and wires. More recently, wireless routers have become popular amongst broadband enthusiasts as they allow for the connection of multiple devices to the same broadband connection, as well as the ability to connect peripherals such as printers and cameras together, without the need for unsightly cables running between each device.

Apart from the obvious advantage of improving the look of your home or office by not having cables running between devices, wireless routers have other useful features as well. As the router is a stand-alone device, it does not require a computer to be switched on for it to operate. Therefore machines that are not being used may be turned off while the broadband connection remains active for other devices to use.

Wireless Routers also provide an extra layer of security against malicious programs such as viruses which can infect your computers via the Internet connection. Routers have built-in security features such as firewalls and the ability to protect your wireless network by making it accessible through a password. It is always recommended that this feature is enabled in order to avoid unwelcome users hijacking your broadband connection if they are in range of the router's output.

The router should also provide the ability to connect itself to other devices with wires. Routers usually come with several sockets for Ethernet cables which can be connected to your devices' wireless network cards, should the need arise.

Broadband is often touted as an always-on service, and while this may be true from the providers' point of view, it is not usually the case if you connect from your computer via an Ethernet cable and a modem. This is because the computer will often be switched off when not in use, and therefore the connection to the Internet is not active.

As mentioned before, a wireless router does not require an active PC to function and therefore helps to provide a true always-on broadband connection from the customers' perspective. While ADSL modems require dialling up each time the computer connected to it is turned on, a wireless router can remain switched on and connected to the Internet 24 hours a day.

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