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Lhanbryde is ADSL Broadband ENABLED! 
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..:: Cost of Broadband

First of all, you do NOT have to use BT for DSL Broadband. Although BT have to install the equipment in the telephone exchange, you can use juat about any ISP you want when we get DSL Broadband.

The costs involved are broken down into 3 main areas:

  • Cost of Intallation
  • Cost of Equipment
  • Cost of Service

Cost of Installation

The cost of installation for DSL Broadband varies significantly depending on the ISP. The cost can vary from £0 upto about £50. This money goes to BT in order to connect your phone line to the relivant DSL Broadband service.

Cost of Equipment
ADSL Speedtouch USB modemAt the time of writing there are a few ISP's currently offering half price DSL modems which bring the cost of equipment to about £30. There are three main types of DSL adapter; External Modem, Internal Modem, Router. For the home user, an external modem is probably the best solution. For the more advanced user and business users, a router is probably better suited, however the cost of routers can vary from about £60 to £150 depending on your needs. DSL also requires an adapter to your phone line called filters. You will need one filter for each phone you have connected to a phone socket in your home. If you don't use thse filters then you will probably experience problems connecting to the DSL service and you will also hear a high pitched noise on the line, which isn't very plesant. These filters cost approx £10 each. Thankfully most DSL adapters come with two of these filters which should be enough for the average home.

For more information on pricing, visit They have all the UK DSL packages summarised here and also offer a comparison service so you can weigh up the pros and cons of different Broadband ISP's including speed, reliability and customer service.
Please note: The prices mentioned above are subject to change on a daily basis. Therefore the information on this page may not be 100% acurate from day to day.

Cost of Service
The cost of using DSL Broadband is relatively cheap when compared with the standard 56k dialup solution you are probably used to. The common cost of dial-up at the moment seems to be around the £15 per month mark. Broadband starts from just under £20 per month, up to £30 per month, depending on which Broadband ISP you choose. For that extra £5, you get so much more! No cut-offs, extremely fast connection to the internet, no time limits, the connection can remain connected all the time while not tying up the landline!

Remember: Registering your interest in DSL Broadband will not cost you anything, you are not signing any contract to signup for any service. If you are not sure if you want broadband in the furture, register your interest anyway, you will be helping your local community and the service will hopefully be there for when you are ready to upgrade to DSL Broadband.

maxDSL Broadband Higher Speeds and More Reliability >>

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