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Lhanbryde is ADSL Broadband ENABLED! 
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..:: Advantages of Broadband

Want to save money on your broadband? Quick, grab this lifeline from PlusNet. Up to 20Mb broadband from only£9.99 per month. Free setup available - terms apply. Now with Internet phone calls. PlusNet broadband.

There are many Advantages of DSL Broadband, over a standard 56k Dial-up or ISDN connection:

For home users DSL Broadband is about 10 times faster than a normal 56k modem and can be up to 40 times faster for business users. You can download web pages and send and receive emails much quicker. Listening to music or watching video online becomes a real possibility with DSL Broadband and you could even video conference with friends or business partners.

56k Dial-up Vs 512k ADSL


Free's up your landline when online
DSL Broadband shares your phone line between voice and data calls, so you can phone people when you are online and they can phone you.

No call charges when you use the Internet
A fixed monthly fee covers all access to the Internet - for a guide to what different providers charge see Cost of Broadband.

You can share the connection
Perhaps your kids have a computer in their bedroom or you run a small business from home. With the right equipment you can share your DSL Broadband connection so you all get high-speed access at the same time!

It's always on
No more squeaks, pips and clicks while you wait for your modem to connect. No more lengthy waits whilst the modem re-dials and re-dials… No more being thrown off after two hours on-line, DSL Broadband really is the Internet accesses whenever you want it!

Compatable with the latest Games Consoles
That's right! You can now buy adapters for consoles such as the Playstation 2 (PS2), Playstation 3 (PS3), GameCube, XBox and XBox 360 which allow you to connect to DSL Boadband and play games across the internet. This functionality is currently being introduced in the UK so be prepared!

The Costs of ADSL Broadband >>

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