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Lhanbryde is ADSL Broadband ENABLED! 
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Do you work from home?.. Do you use the Internet for surfung, e-mail or games?.. Tired of irritating cut-off's, time limits and slow downloads? Then you need Broadband!

This campaign website was setup in March 2003. It's goal is to increase awareness of Broadband in the local community and ultimately, bring High Speed ADSL Broadband technology to the Lhanbryde exchange.

I (Alan Addison) setup this campaign and website after graduating from University with a BS.c. Hons in Computer Science. For two years I had Broadband in Aberdeen and it was excellent! I did not believe that it would change the way i used the Internet. But it did! ADSL Broadband helped me significantly with my University projects, allowing me to access my home computers securely, from anywhere, using the Internet! Broadband also made communication with other students easier and more fun! (Especially the on-line gaming sessions. smiley)

Now living just outside Lhanbryde and working in the local area (If anyone want's to offer me a challenging IT position gimme a shout) smiley. I was keen to get Broadband once again. Especially when it costs around £20 a month, compared to £30 > £40 while I was in Aberdeen. ADSL Broadband It is a very affordable upgrade from the old 56k Dial-up connections we are used to. You can have it connected all day without worry, while keeping your landline available for incoming and out going calls! WeyHey!!

To find out more about the campaign to bring ADSL Broadband to Lhanbryde in our Mission Statement.

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