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Lhanbryde is ADSL Broadband ENABLED! 
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..:: Campaign Mission

Step 1 - People start registering an interest in Broadband.
Step 2 - BT review the exchange after 150 registrations.
Step 3 - BT set a trigger level for the exchange.
Step 4 - Trigger level achieved!
Step 5 - BT announce Ready for Service (RFS) date.
Step 6 - Lhanbryde exchange is ADSL Broadband Enabled! [We are here!]

The diagram above show the stages this campaign needs to go through before we get ADSL Broadband.

  • People start registering and interest in Broadband.
    The goal here is to get as many people to register their interest as possible. It costs nothing to show and interest and any details you send us will be kept secure and will ONLY be passed onto an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who may contact you if required.
  • BT review the exchange after 100 registrations.
    The first target towards getting Broadband is to reach 100 registrations. Once this has been achieved, BT will do a full review of the exchange to assess how much it will cost to upgrade. The cost of upgrade is directly related to the trigger level which we must achieve.
    Unfortunately, a review does not guarantee that we will get a trigger. However, we are very close to Elgin which has ADSL Broadband and Lossiemouth which will soon have Broadband. This means the costs to upgrade out exchange could be low enough to grant us a trigger level of 100. Unfortunately there is no way to guess what the trigger is likely to be.
    Note: Triggers range from '100' up to'500' or no 'trigger' at all.
  • BT set a trigger level for the exchange.
    The trigger levels are the key to getting ADSL Broadband in our community. Trigger levels are targets set by BT Wholesale for the number of registrations required before an exchange is to be upgraded.

  • Trigger level achieved! (we are here!)
    Once we hit our trigger. BT will check the registrations to make sure they are valid (so please don't just enter random names from the phone book. You won't be doing anyone any favours!). Once they are happy with the results, there will be a short delay of up to two weeks from hitting the trigger level and receiving out Ready for Service (RFS) date.
  • BT announce Ready For Service date.
    The Ready for Service date (RFS) is the date which our exchange is scheduled to be upgraded. By this time, all the hard work is done. We just need to sit back and wait for the BT engineers to do their job!
  • Lhanbyrde exchange is ADSL Broadband Enabled! (we are here!)
    When the RFS date is reached, we should be able to order and access Broadband WooHoo!

Click here to find out how you can help bring Broadband to Lhanbryde, Urquhart and surrounding are!

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